This guy is my hard-working husband who supports our families adventures in the kitchen unwittingly! Jack corals the girls when I’m hard at work in the kitchen and helps out with all the jar-opening, cork-removing, heavy-lifting, high-shelf-reaching and pretty much my go-to handyman with anything that I struggle with or can’t do on my own! He runs the coffee machine, grill, sous vide machine, roaster (during the holidays), he is the maker of our early-morning-pancakes and begrudgingly allows me free reign of kitchen and cooking stores! I love that he doesn’t say anything when I get a new cookbook and happily helps me make room on a bookshelf or in a cabinet for more cookbooks and kitchen gadgets, pans and random dishes.

Jack is certainly a cornerstone in our family and the kitchen! When he isn’t in the kitchen or at home, he is busy defending our country as a proud member of the United States Air Force!

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