My days are spent playing with my daughters and day dreaming with my husband on the beach when we aren’t in the middle of doing the laundry, washing dishes, tidying the house, running errands, making meals and all the other things a typical family has to accomplish every day. The rest of the time? The time in between the beach go-ing and the to-do list are spent searching for goodness on Earth – usually in the form of food.

I love to eat and eat to live – and I like to eat well, and becoming a mother has endeavored me to learn to make all the things I love and would like to eat – but better. Now, I bake often – to the delight of friends, some of whom are feigning “diets” in order to avoid the frequency with which they receive goodies from our oven and I cook practically every day – to the delight of my husband, who only has this to say “Mmmmmm….. !” Filling my kitchen with a variety of cookbooks and notes written on scraps of paper or napkins for making small but (hopefully) magnificent changes to the dishes we love. We hope to create food that will bring people together and strengthen our family bonds, I scour kitchen stores for new and exciting tools that I obviously “need,” and will (of course) allow me to create more complicated dishes – lassoing lingering fears of french words and techniques, and introducing my family to new dishes we just can’t live without!

My kiddos scurry to the kitchen, ready to help at a moments notice at even the slightest sound of banging pots and pans, standing on their tippy-toes on a stool, holding a wooden spoon in one hand, licking their fingers with the other, eyeing a bowl of something we are whipping together while the kitchen fills with an overwhelming, sweet and comforting smell and the stove with a plethora of pots bubbling away as dinnertime gets closer.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my blog, stories and recipes in the hopes that it inspires you to try the recipes or create your own magic in whatever kitchen space you have!


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