Pork Chops Grilled over Grapevines! #WIFK

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Did you know that this is absolutely the first time I have ever bought grapes with in the intention of putting the vines they come on, to use. Silly right? But it was a very aromatic and interesting experience and it completely confuddled my girls! Duck Breasts Grilled over Grapevines was one of the August assignments for the cooking group “Weekend in a French Kitchen,” cooking its way through Mimi Thorisson’s “A Kitchen in France!”

Since I really have no idea how to gauge the difference between vines in varieties of grapes and couldn’t find any information about it, I just picked the grapes that we love to eat. We had a great time eating the grapes in preparation for lighting the vines on aflame!

Tip – let your vines dry out completely and pick off all the grape “meat” off the vines before attempting to light them on fire.

Because I wasn’t using a grill, I put the vines in a ceramic baking dish and set a wire cooling rack over that and set the saute pan with the pork chops on top of that. Once the vines were lit, had burnt awhile and flames died down, I closed the oven door and left everything in there while I finished making the zucchini and mashed potatoes.

The vines gave off an interesting smell and didn’t change the flavor of the meat. It was certainly an interesting experience but not something I’ll do again unless I want to impress someone. Maybe for a girl’s night dinner?

Minor Note: Lighting the grapevines on fire pretty much made my inner grape-gardener cringe. 

The pork was a great substitute for duck, which we couldn’t find and don’t really love, so naturally I recommend pork or even chicken for this recipe! I had a great time slicing the top to make it look like a duck breast and once the cut sides were seared it looked really fancy!

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