Lacquered Chicken with Noodle Salad #WIFK

Alrighty ladies and gentlemen, this was a weird but good one for us. “This,” being the Lacquered Chicken with Noodle Salad from Daniel Boulud’s, “Cafe Boulud Cookbook.” This was an assignment from earlier in the month for our new cooking group, “Weekend in a French Kitchen,” and it was a fun one to make!

This is perfect summer fodder – especially if you enjoy grilling and it was a hit with my kiddos! A lazy weekend is all you need to make this beauty, make the chicken one day, chill it then make the noodle salad the next day. Perfection!

Fantastic cold, because the sauce was really bright and had plenty of flavor, it makes the noodle salad. But warm, we would have preferred to enjoy this over rice or couscous. The marinade was really lovely and we wound up using the zest and juice of an entire naval orange – it really made the sauce that much better for us!

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