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November 2014

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Slow Cooker Sunday! Mongolian Beef!

Happy Sunday to you, Dear Reader! Are you officially over turkey until Thanksgiving 2015? If you are, then you might enjoy a shift back to a classic…. beef! If you aren’t, well, then you are probably (like my husband) enjoying endless turkey leftovers! This is a fun Americanized, take-out reminiscent …

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Gerard’s Mustard Tart

Hello Mustard! Hello Gerard! Hello Doristas!! Today, I *finally* prepared Gerard’s Mustard Tart!! I’ve had Trevor’s voice ringing in the back of …

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Spinach & Bacon Quiche

This week, the Doristas made Pan-Seared Duck Breasts with Kumquats, but I couldn’t find either so I made up a delightful recipe …