Freezing Avocados – Oh YES!! You Can!

Yesterday, the cooking group I participate in, French Fridays with Dorie, posted our experience making Dorie Greenspan’s Guacamole recipe and I mentioned in that post that you can freeze avocados.

I know, right? Who knew???

Certainly not me, until about 10 weeks ago!

Well this is crazy important information for someone who can barely resist a produce sale and the large Hass avocados go on sale here, often. So this is valuable information, since we can hardly eat as many avocados as I buy and after using them a couple different ways or having tacos for a week straight, hardly have any desire to eat another bite; but cursing the sale since in a few weeks I’m sure we will want avocados for some dish or another and we will have to purchase them at some crazy price in order to satisfy our meal. Blast!

I mean, I don’t have an avocado-a-day habit or anything, but some people do! It’s true!

And true avocado-aficionados will dole out three bucks a pop for those babies!!

For the love of avocados!

Granted, that money is well-spent since avocados are amazing, delicious and so good for you – I mean, have you ever tried to wipe an avocado mask off one of those super rich ladies at the spa? I haven’t but I wouldn’t either. They know the avocado is doing something amazing for their skin. Granted, I would rather eat an avocado than to smear it over my face. Really, it’s just bait. My kids would probably grab a bag of chips go to town. Seriously.

Anyways, I read something in a newspaper article somewhere (listen, become a mother and try to remember small details…. it’s a daily struggle,…) about freezing avocados and did a little research.





Yep – it’s a thing, freezing avocados. Totally do-able. Totally doing it!

So here’s the nitty gritty!

You can have it a few ways:

  • You can dice it
  • You can puree it
  • You can halve those babies
  • You can quarter it
  • You can make it into guacamole
  • Make a luscious avocado paste. Essentially the same as a puree, unless you add something else to it….

Once you decide how you want to freeze your avocados, wash the outside of your ripened avocado well, then slice, smash, dice, or quarter away at ’em! Just be sure to remove the skin completely as well as the pits.

If you are planning to freeze a pureed avocado, be sure to mix in half a Tablespoon of either lemon or lime juice to it and stir well so that the acidic juice is evenly distributed. This helps to keep the avocado from oxidizing and turning brown. But will also keep it tasting just as tasty as the day you put that baby in the freezer!

For anything other than a puree, you can just soak the pieces of avocado in lime or lemon juice, or rub all the sides of the avocado with a lemon or lime wedge for the same aforementioned reasons.

Once you are done making guacamole or puree or chopping, dicing, whatever you have chosen to do with your avocados, portion them out into Ziploc bags and be sure to get all the air out of the bag before closing and slipping them into the freezer. They will keep for about 4-5 months. I mean, if they really last that long….

That’s it folks! That’s how it’s done!!

Ok, so one more tid-bit of fun for you…. if you just want to know the secret to storing half an avocado – you know, for tomorrow… then check out my new friend Mimi’s blog, Mimi Avocado, her Secret to Storing Half an Avocado!! I met Mimi at Camp Blogaway and she is a very sweet lady and lover of all things avocado!! Remember that avocado-a-day habit I mentioned? I’m willing to bet my dear Mimi eats avocados more than anyone else I know – maybe even once-a-day!

I hope you enjoyed all these lovely tid-bits, and feel free to blame this post if your spouse or significant other balks at the price you paid for a bushel of avocados…

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