Calling All Bloggers for “Baking for Life” Online Blogger Bake Sale!

On December 12, 2013 I will be holding a one-day, online bake sale to raise funds for my best friend, and I am calling on all my blogging friends to donate items to the sale! The bake sale will begin at 8 am PST on Thursday, December 12th, and will go all day until 9 pm PST! 

A few months ago, my best friend – Becca and her husband, Joel discovered a procedure that will allow them to have a baby and start their family. But the procedure must be paid for up-front and is fairly expensive, as medical procedures always seem to be, so I am helping her to raise some money to pay for the procedure.

For more information on the procedure and their story, please click here to the Give Foward site.

Becca & Joel

I will keep a list of the goodies that will be available during the bake sale as new donations come in, so you can preview everything here while you are waiting for the sale to officially open. 

I will be accepting donations of baked goods, cookbooks and other foodie gifts until Dec 8th at midnight PST. If you would like to donate an item(s) to the sale, please email me at acookingmizer(at)yahoo(dot)com with the item(s) that you are donating, how much of it you are offering, a photo and a link to the recipe if you have a blog (and a post about it – you can also offer the recipe as an exclusive recipe for the item if it is not yet featured on your blog), as well as your name and blog name and address.

The bake sale will begin at 8 am CST on Thursday, December 12th, and will go all day until 9 pm PST.

Me, my daughter at 2 months old, and Becca

I know many of you are curious as to how an online bake sale works, so here’s an outline of the Rules and Logistics, so you have a clear idea of how this works.


First of all, please keep in mind that all donations will be going directly to Becca & Joel to help her pay for the procedure & travel expenses.  The procedure will be the first step in enabling them to start a family and relieve Becca & Joel of the financial burden so they can focus all their energy and prayers into the beginning of their family.

Most fundraisers benefit charity organizations and you never know which person/people your donation might be helping, but in this case you are directly helping a couple who have been so active in their community and selfless in their efforts to watch over other children and watching each of them grow and develop into the delightful little people in hopes of raising their own children one day.

Becca & Joel, Spring 2013

On Monday, December 9th, I will post all the items each blogger has generously donated.  Each item will have a minimum bid of $20 unless otherwise noted.  Once the items are officially posted all buyers will then email  on Thursday December 12th between 8 am – 9 pm PST with a bid on what they would like to purchase.

To have an official bid on an item you must e-mail Alice at  Any bids left in the comments section will not be reviewed, only bids e-mailed will be considered official and affirmative.

Think of the bid as a silent auction of sorts. All buyers will have until 9 pm PST to submit their bid for the auction, and can bid as many times as they want.

I will be updating the current bids under each individual item of the bake sale throughout the day so that you can see the current high bid. I am hoping this will encourage others to bid higher for the items they really want or bid for items that have not had a bid yet.

I will notify the winners by email and each winner will then donate the specified amount on Becca & Joel’s fundraising page, “Baking for Life” at  Once the donation goes through I will e-mail the baker/blogger of the winner’s address and it will be the baker/blogger’s responsibility to send the baked goods to the winner by Thursday, December 19th. 

The winner has 24 hours to make the online donation. If in that time frame the donation is not made, the next highest bidder will be contacted.

If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comments below, and I hope to see you at the bake sale!!

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