Frenzied Bounts of Planting!

We have finally gotten our starter plants transplanted outside! We were happy with the height and size of the little guys and since their roots were outgrowing the seed trays, it was time for a more permanent home.

This also meant that we had to finish getting our raised beds ready for our veggies to call home – and lately, with the strong, warm sun we have been getting, Mei has been happy to take at least an hour long nap – if not longer, mid-morning nap which has allowed the husband unit and I ample time to work out in the garden before it gets too hot out so we could clear out the weeds, sweep up the debris, prep the beds and plant our happy little veggies in the garden.

I even made some flags for marking the beds! We weren’t sure if it was really going to be necessary before we got all our plants outside, but at least for the time being, it will help us keep straight the twenty or so varieties of things that we have planted outside and it gave me a chance to break out the Crayola!

Coloring is something that I haven’t had much time for since becoming a mommy, but we have recently bought Mei her first set of Crayola crayons and she really enjoys coloring! Especially the part where she gets to chew on the ends of the crayons… which we discourage – so really, we can’t color “together” since we have to keep an eagle eye on our young crayon eater! But with a family coloring session, I managed to get my signs made for the garden and Mei got to color to her hearts content – switching from color to color, standing up, admiring her work with a happy “WOW!! OOOooooohhhh!” and coloring some more!

Here are the photos of just two days of our plants being out in the garden – they are really loving the lovely English weather!

LOTS of radishes! Bright lights and purple!
brussell sprouts!
crook neck squash!
jack-o-lantern pumpkins!
just some plain, ole cucumbers!
more radishes!
red onions!
even MORE radishes!
Hopscotch peppers!
cauliflower! … a WHOLE LOT of ’em!
French beans & Blue Lake string beans!

Our tomatoes had to adjust to the fact that we didn’t really add coarse materials (ie. rocks) to their soil to ensure that it was well-draining, so they suffered a bit, but we have since pruned the dying leaves and the tops of the plants are taking off and preparing little yellow flowers – so it will be great to see them really take off! Our tiger tomatoes are still in the bay window until they get a bit larger and since we have so many of those plants… about 24, we are looking for adoptive “parents”…!! Anyone for a free tomato plant??

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