Photo Journal

Hello all!

I’m posting some pictures from the past few weeks, including some of the birthday cakes I have made in the past couple of months for friends! I have been slacking on my photo journal, but I hope you will enjoy!

The ones of Patella in the snow were from the first day of legitimate snowfall that we have experienced in two years of living in the UK; and she spent 8 straight hours romping around in it, eating snow, barking at it and refused to come in until she was completely worn out! She really loves snow! In the previous years, the record snowfall has been no more than one inch in our part of the UK. The first winter ever for one centimeter of snowfall London shut down all their public transportation, most people here didn’t leave their homes and the British Red Cross set up emergency lorries (or trucks… :) ) with hot tea for those stuck “out in the elements”… yeah, it gets that ridiculous! If you woke up after 8am, you never would have known that it had snowed. There wasn’t even any frost on the windows or black ice on the road! Living here has always been interesting.

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