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Hello everyone! I have been busy reading all of the first Tuesdays with Dorie post – it was our first post for the second book that we are baking through, “Baking with Julia” by Dorie Greenspan and with 300 new bakers all posting links to their blogs, I have been pretty consumed!! In the meantime, our weekly French Fridays with Dorie has also posted, working our way through Dorie Greenspan’s “Around My French Table”  the posts of which I haven’t even had a chance to start reading yet! So my goal this week is to get those postings read and to bake and cook all the items for our Valentine’s day meal! What’s on the menu? A special, heart-warming pie for my sweetie… you will have to keep reading posts over the next couple of days to find out what kind of pie it will be…! Oysters rockefeller – going straight back to the days where these would be served up on large platters with a dry martini, it will be the first time we are enjoying oysters this way and what better way than for Valentine’s Day? Lastly, mussels with chorizo! It is our FFWD assignment but I have a soft spot in my heart for mussels with a side of cheesy, garlicky homemade ciabatta bread (the recipe to which I will post) and it is a great, hands-on meal to share with our entire family! Especially since (as you will learn) Mei LOVES mussels! Actually, there isn’t much that she doesn’t love! To keep you entertained until then, there is the last instalment of our Parisian adventures to look forward to as well as some photos from our weekend. Cousin Hannah visited and we took her to our favorite tea shop for brunch! There is a photo of Mei’s first visit to the teashop for afternoon tea, she was a wee 2 months and (obviously) not eating solid food yet and this time, she filled the highchair (the last time, her head was barely flush with the top of the back of the chair (!) and was given her own plate with half of a fruit scone and bits of chocolate zucchini cake, and a cooled cup of Marco Polo tea which is a fruity mix. We took her scraps and what was left of the scone I didn’t eat to feed to geese outside by the boats. Mei really noticed the geese this time, giggling and holding out bits of scone to feed them. She knows how to feed Patella – sometimes making Patella snatch a treat out of her fist, which is what she was doing with a fairly aggressive goose who decided that it wasn’t going to be teased and beaked her little hand and ate the bit of scone, causing a few tears but she recovered quickly with a new bit of scone and a more passive goose that was willing to wait for her to release the food! We had a great time, Cousin Hannah had tea and crumpets and we have developed more reasons to return to our favorite spot for afternoon tea again! What are you doing with your family or sweetie for Valentines’s day? We usually don’t celebrate it with gifts or a meal out. Last year we updated our GPS with European maps and bought Mei a cute, first Valentine’s day outfit, and this year, we are doing a nice family meal. It will just be great to have the whole family together to make a nice meal and enjoy it together! fd

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