Omelet & Spring Chicken Salad!

This morning, I made a perfectly folded omelet! I was able to cut up the bits of Virginia brand ham and pieces of Kraft Colby Jack cheese (which I know is not a great brand, a bit greasy, but it’s what I had on hand and its a childhood comfort…) and whisk a tablespoon of milk into my two Danish eggs. The milk makes the eggs more moist and tasty, and its a vehicle to sneak in more dairy into my diet. The happy family of cheese, eggs and ham sizzled and popped in the frying pan with a tiny dab of olive oil which lent a sweet, savory taste to the egg and brought out more egg-y flavor.

Patella munched on her breakfast while we waited for my tea to brew in the cup, lavender earl grey with a splash of milk and then, all of a sudden, Mei had a meltdown! She just needed a hug and in the meantime, the eggs started to get a bit overcooked so I quickly set her down again and grabbed my spatula to fold my omelet, and the eggs were a bit more golden than I would have liked. *sigh* But still darn tasty!

a little overcooked, but still yummy!

As I sat, enjoying my eggs, I began to think about lunch. No, I don’t just sit around and think about food all the time – but Mei and I needed to go grocery shopping, so I was making a list also and menu planning for the week so I could pick up the appropriate ingredients and thought a nice chicken salad would be nice! During my trip back to the states recently, I had a chicken salad sandwich at Arby’s that was amazing, with apples, pecans and grapes and just had a sudden hankering for it again! Why not? Those products are seasonal and fresh now, and aside from the pecans, I was really jazzed about this choice!

At the store, the granny smith apples were nice and tart and shiny, a vibrant spring green color and the grapes looked majestic, plump and juicy! I bought a rotisserie chicken, being that I was too impatient to want to bake or roast my own chicken – and it cost about the same! Although the next time I make this salad, I’m going to make the chicken myself and brine it the same way I brine the chicken for the buttermilk fried chicken recipe – because it has such a nice flavor this way.

Usually I like to go to Bury on either Wednesday or saturday to find the bread people and buy a good quality, artisan loaf, but Tesco happened to have a pretty decent multi-grain loaf that I bought for only 80p to use for this chicken salad sandwich endeavor.

I pulled out the ingredients and set them on the counter to begin assembling the salad.


 Patella impatiently waited while I stripped the bits of meat off the bones of the chicken.

 The apples were next, I diced them into bite size pieces and tossed them into the bowl with the chicken bits. I finally gave into Patella’s cuteness and gave her a bite of apple.

The grapes were sliced in half and tossed in the mix. In a separate bowl, I whisked together about 1/4 C of mayo and one cup of plain yogurt with a couple squeezes of lemon, salt and pepper and folded the resulting mix into the chicken mixture. It was about this time that Mei began to fuss and need to be held so I brought her up to the counter to check things out and approve the progress we were making with the chicken salad.

Then it was time to put the sandwich together – I sliced out the pieces of the multi-grain I needed for the sandwich and slathered one side with a heaping helping of chicken salad! YUM!!

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